We are stylists. Fashion junkies. Lovers of beauty, and pursuers of ease and style. We are  passionate about our craft and knowledgeable in our work. We listen, provide guidance, and help each and every client curate a personal wardrobe that feels exclusively theirs.
We hope to educate, share, connect, and engage with you to share our vision of a life well styled.  But before we do that... we should probably tell you just who WE are. Let's meet the team, shall we?
WENDY (Compulsive shopper. Owner. Lead stylist.)
7 YR OLD DAYDREAM: To be a rockstar. Or a lawyer. Both, actually.
LOVES: Her sweet family. Anything designed by Muiccia Prada.
LIKES: Risk takers. Coffee. Anything with sequins.
HATES: Mean girls. And dogs that slobber. (Eww.)
SECRET TALENT: The ability to pair anything with an ankle bootie. Because she can. Test her.
WHITNEY (Fashion Junkie. Showroom Manager. Senior Stylist.)
AKA: Wendy 2.0
LOVES: Her husband, Rescue dog, and fashion. (Not necessarily in that order.)
LIKES: Cold Brew. Skulls. Sleeping in.
HATES: Cargo Shorts and Flip Flops.
FUN FACT: Her first and most loyal client is her mother. Though, her rates have increased from the time she was 10.
Megan (Numbers Junkie.)
AKA: Client # 8 (Yep).
LOVES: Family. Spending her paycheck at Wrabyn.
LIKES: Hamilton. It's a pretty intense like. We should probably move this to "loves."
HATES: Probably nothing. She's super nice.
FUN FACT: She actually loves spreadsheets. (Far more than anyone should, in our opinion.)
SECRET TALENT: Chair dancing. How else could she like spreadsheets so much?

CANDICE (Stylist. Italian Grandmother.)

AKA Kelly. Ask her. We dare you.
LOVES: Her two kids, loud music, driving like a New Yorker, Good wine, Fritos scoops, extremely hot coffee. She’s passionate about a lot.
LIKES: see above
HATES: I don’t understand this word.
FUN FACT:Has worked with SJP!
SECRET TALENT:She speaks Spanish and does so without warning.  

& our fabulous cadre of interns and sales helpers
AKA: So many terms of endearment for the team that actually keeps the engines running. And since none of them are here full time, we blame them when something goes wrong. (It's just easier that way.)
Looking ahead, we have so many great things to share with you. So stay tuned, and stay in touch!