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It's that time of year to start thinking about what fabulous things you'd like to give (and receive!) Let the Wrabyn team make the holidays super simple, with great gifting ideas, wishlists to drop the perfect hit, and complementary wrapping.

West Annapolis Winterfest

Join us for West Annapolis's Winterfest this weekend, December 14th and 15th! Wrabyn will be hosting a booth filled with festive gift ideas alongside a variety of other local vendors.

We will also have extended hours Saturday and Sunday to give you plenty of chances to find the perfect holiday look or last minute gifts.

What we want now.

Back in stock: DeMillier

DeMellier symbolises the mix of old and new, of heritage and modernity. 'De' originates from Mireia's grandmother a descendant of knights, lords and marquesses whose family can be traced back more than 500 years to the south of Spain not far from where DeMellier handbags are crafted today. 'Mellier' comes from Mireia's name of French descent, capturing her modern creative spirit.

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Wrabyn was founded to solve every women’s daily dilemma: ‘What am I going to wear today?’ The concept of “FASHION” leaves most women feeling confused and overwhelmed. And keeping pace with trends is exhausting (and expensive). The stylists at Wrabyn focus on helping our clients explore, discover and curate a personal style that is uniquely theirs and provide them the tools to maintain a functional, well-maintained wardrobe.

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White Denim: The Year-Round Essential.

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