Rebecca Myers

Rebecca Myers Design

Sublime beauty can be found in natural forms and patterns.  Rebecca Myers' work is an exploration in layering metal, constructing form and sprinkling sparkle to achieve the natural patterns and forms that are awe inspiring to all of us. High Karat gold, platinum and oxidized silver are often combined to achieve the dichotomy of dark and light found in many patterns in nature.

Monarch wings, animal prints, and fields of contrasting metal are paired with diamonds, colored stones and other natural references.  The result is a line of jewelry that is sexy, wearable elevation of the everyday that is fine and approachable.

Many pieces are cast directly from natural forms with many fabrication steps thereafter, while other pieces are fabricated from scratch in the craft tradition.  Her work appeals to women who appreciate the depth of technique of well made fine crafted jewelry, but are ultimately attracted to the way the pieces make them feel when worn.