SheWORTH Journal


The SheWorth Journal applies Science to Self Worth
Once women become aware of SheWorth they constantly ask..”how can I continue to build my worthiness?” And now we have an answer…The SheWorth journal is such a tool!

Top 4 Reasons why you should use the SheWorth Journal: 
1. Science
Evidence backed, Science Based Strategies to help you become worthy. The SheWorth Journal introduces you to science based principals such as Neuroplasticity, Mirror Neurons, Internal Audience, Negativity Bias and Fixed vs. Growth Mindset (to name a few!) which provide the foundation for you to discover your Worth and how it has come to be.

2. Beauty
The SheWorth journal is BEAUTIFUL. Who doesn’t love the powerful imagery of Athena, the mythical Greek Goddess of Strength, War, and Wisdom? The beauty of the Journal and the emotion evoked from the inside imagery and inspiring quotes are meant to make you feel beautiful both inside and out.

3. Self Worth
Every woman Deserves to feel Worthy and this is the first time something so intentional has been put together in one place. The SheWorth journal is unlike anything out there, combining science and self worth. We are wired to want “Status” amongst our tribe and we can only achieve that when we feel worthy. Share it with your girlfriends, sisters, mothers, and colleagues so that they know you believe that they too, deserve to feel worthy.

4. Gratitude
Each day we ask you to consider “What is one thing that went well today?” Gratitude has been continually proven in the academic literature to cultivate a positive mindset. A gratitude practice can profoundly shift your perspective on life and the SheWorth journal prompts you to consider what you are grateful for each night.