Fiona Sleeveless Button Down Shirt


Size Guide

Meet Fiona. Our newest family member, Fiona is the sleeveless cousin of your favorite laid-back Eileen. Fiona transitions seamlessly between all seasons. In the warmest months, wear Fiona to beat the heat and pair with a Tee Lab asymmetrical skirt for a date with your loved one. As the weather cools, let your shirttail peek out under a cozy sweater or fitted blazer without the extra bulk of sleeves.

LINEN, Woven in Italy
A luxurious staple, ideally suited for the warmest days.
An airy, open weave fabric woven from the inner filaments of the flax plant.
Don’t worry about an iron; looks best wrinkled and relaxed.
100% Italian Linen

You filthy lad! You dirty tart! Time for a wash. No need to turn yourself inside out, just the shirt. If you can't find a friend to do the dirty work, find a machine and wash in cold water. Brrrr. Save the bleach for your socks. Tumble dry on low, have a cup of tea and stand by to remove promptly!

When you hear the sound, start dancing! You're done! And if you can't handle this, buy a new one. Admit it, you want more than just one! These instructions work for both Tee Lab and Frank & Eileen.

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