Chili Party Pack

$5.00 $30.00

The Chili Blend is best with Vodka / Tequila / White Rum / Dark Rum / Bourbon

Pack Notes: Whereas our Single Pack offers enough blend material to infuse a single standard bottle of spirits, the 1pt Party Pack gets the party started with enough to infuse three bottles of spirits. The 1pt Party Pack includes 6 blend packets allowing you to make the choice to infuse all three bottles at once or infuse half bottles at a time. When you're ready to take your infusion game to the next level, consider using the 1pt Party Pack with the 1pt Bar Bottle Kit which is perfect for at home presentation or gifting. The choice is yours - party on!

Blend Notes: A robust, savory blend with heady notes of freshly-ground pink peppercorns and the lingering heat of mouth-tingling chili flakes. Steamed Japanese Sencha Shizuoka green tea lends a gentle saltiness that elevates the warmth of the blend and enhances overall flavor clarity. Perfect for firing up most spirits and cocktails.

  • Designer: Anna & Andrew Hellman (USA)
  • Material: Sencha Shizuoka / Orange Zest / Pink Peppercorn / Chili Flakes
  • Includes 6x 8g packets (Net Wt. 48 g / 1.7 oz)
  • Origin: USA