What's Trend Got To Do With It?

I have to be honest: The mere mention of Fall Fashion makes my heart beat just a little bit faster. (Actually a lot faster.) Thinking back to my childhood, I remember begging my mother to usher me around the shops in Philadelphia for days so I could nail down my back-to-school look. And since I had outgrown almost everything from the prior year, it was always an exciting fresh start. Even now, the smell of freshly sharpened pencils conjures the romance and excitement of back-to-school dressing. And while I haven’t outgrown everything from last Fall (I mean…let’s hope not), I look to each new season as an opportunity to rethink, edit, and update my wardrobe.

Season after season, magazine editors and fashion glitterati pour over the runway shows and offer their analysis of what was “trending,” otherwise known as the Trend Reports. Of course, Trend Reports can be very subjective based on several variables, not the least of which are: 1.which shows they attended, 2. who is paying for their seat at each show, 3/ which designer gifted them clothing, and…well, you get my point.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally geek out at Fashion Week and pour over of Trend Reports. But as a professional stylist and buyer, I don’t put much stock in “trends.” Yes - Seasonal trends can be a jumping off point, a source of inspiration, and sometimes permission to experiment. But to use them as a vade mecum for your wardrobe seems a bit confining. After all, personal style the most pure expression of fashion.

‘Fashions fade, style is eternal.’   
– Yves Saint Laurent

At Wrabyn, we believe in style. And with Summer coming to a close and Labor Day in the rear view, we’ve got Fall on our minds. To help interpret the fashion chatter, we’ve boiled down some of our favorite (read: wearable) trends from this Fall and are offering some visual cues to help you try something new. Scroll on below. 

TREND: Modern Prep.

Modern Prep

Long gone are the days of pearls and starched shirts. To update you inner prep, grab a blazer (or 2) and pair it with a soft button down, tee shirt, or sweater to soften the vibe. Don’t get sloppy - but do give yourself permission to let loose. At least a little bit.

TREND: Go West.

GO West.

Did you ever watch the TV show Dallas? If so, you can leave the sequins behind because this western story is about subtle ease. The idea is that you could muck out the barn. But in reality, you’re just making a run to the grocery store. Looking fabulous.

TREND: Sporty.


To be clear: This is not to be confused with athleisure. Did you see Whitney on Stories? Leggings are not pants (and flip-flops are not shoes, but that’s for another post…). These are grab-and-go pairings that will look as good on you in the afternoon as they did in the morning.  Because the fabrics and fit are designed to mooooove, you will look and feel comfortable no matter where your day takes you.

TREND: Animal Print.

Animal Print

Just a dab will do ya! The best part about animal prints are that they perform double duty: They can be a neutral OR the stand-out component in your look. Leopard is making a real come-back this year, but any good animal print works for me. And I’m obsessed with these prints on footwear!

TREND: Tweed and Plaid.

Tweed and Plaid

This is not your grandfather’s tweed and plaid! If you’re unsure of how to wear these new textural pieces this Fall, keep everything else quiet. Like library quiet. It will give the standout piece the room to be the star of your outfit. Unless of course, you want to rock a power-clash. In that case, consider me impressed.

So there you have it! The Wrabyn Trend Report - which is really just a little push and nudge to get you to try some fun new pieces this Fall. What are you loving for Fall? Drop us a comment below! 

Until next time,

Wendy x


September 07, 2018 by Wendy Rabin

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