Spring into Spring (Even When it's Still Chilly Outside).

Posted on April 11 2019

Spring into Spring (Even When it's Still Chilly Outside).

It’s inevitable. As soon as Winter gives way to just a *hint* of Spring weather, I am ready to ditch my parka and don a sundress and sandals. But sadly, one must navigate a daily swing of 15 degrees (or more) for several weeks while Winter and Spring finish fighting it out.

So, what’s a fashion girl to do?

Every fashion magazine advises you to “layer up!” Ummmm, great! Fantastic idea! But what does that actually mean when you leave the house in 40 degree weather and meet for a late afternoon coffee when it’s 65 and sunny? 

When it comes to dressing, I have a Goldilocks-like disposition. I do not like to be too warm. Nor do I like to feel chilly. Fact: I prefer to feel temperature neutral. (Yes, it's a thing.) At. All. Times. And, in order to achieve my preferred temperature neutral status, I start my daily wardrobe planning with the outfit in which I want to end the day. Why? Because it is in that look that I’ll be seen wearing most of the day. And, it ensures that I can shed layers throughout the day, knowing that each look has been considered. 
Here’s the cheat sheet:

1/ Pick your base outfit for the warmest temperature of the day.

Warm Weather Look

2/ Add a layering item for slightly chillier weather. A sweater? A longer sleeve shirt?

Medium Temp Look

3/ Add one more layer based on morning and evening low temperature. A Trench? Lightweight Jacket?

Chilliest Temp Look

4/ Walk out in confidence knowing that you’ll look great throughout the day.

See!? Dressing for transitional weather just takes a little extra planning. It’s not rocket science, but it is a real skill. And, bonus - this method to dressing also comes in handy for travel. So grab your phone, open your weather app, and get to planning. You’ll be glad you did. 

Until next time, 

Wendy xx

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